Buying Guide: Alkaline Water Machine

If you are living in a place where water comes acidic in tap, it is better to buy an alkaline water ionizer India that can restores Ph balance properly that makes it good drinking water. It will help in neutralizing the acid that is in your body. Therefore it has got restorative property on our health generally and keep you well-being overall. It helps to reduce health problems such as fatigue, high blood pressure and acid reflux and many others.

To shop for water ionizing machine is not that easy. There is some misinformation regarding the purifier, so you should know its features while going to buy:


Evaluate the ionizers on the basis of how they work. They are made of four components helps in doing the job:

  • Filter
  • Plates
  • Ph or ORP Range
  • Warranty or company reputation


You find alkaline water ionizers India with one or two filter system. Filters removes unwanted impurities from the water which it purifier mainly does. Dual type of filters is best when compared to single filters. Single filter ionizers are also good if you water does not contain much impurities. So if your water is really bad use double filter system only.


There are mainly three types of plates called mesh and flat, slotted and mesh. It is found generally that mesh and flat plates are much better if you compare it with mesh and slotted plates. They can be cleaned easily and much durable too. Slotted and mesh plates will cost you less and light weight also but they do not last for long time. Mesh plates increase the life of filtering for longer period.

Ph or ORP Range

Best quality machines of alkaline water ionizer India will provide you alkaline and acidic water both producing mostly higher negative value ORP. While selecting a one its Ph range must range from 4 to 11 and 800 ORP minimum.



  • ISO 9000 certification
  • Minimum 5 years warranty both for defect and repair
  • EPA and BPA
  • BBB


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