Kitchen Cleaning

Acidic water has anti-microbial properties which can be utilized to kill a variety of disease causing bacteria. This can easily be achieved by rinsing and soaking pots, pans and sponge cloths in acidic water.

Fresh food preparation

With increased use of indiscriminate pesticides the food we consume needs to be sanitized with utmost caution. Rinsing fruits and vegetables with acidic water significantly aids in reducing the amount of microbes present in the fresh food.

Dental care and oral hygiene

Acidic water can also act as an anti-bacterial in when used for gargling. Additionally, it aids the process of plaque removal.

Acne and Skin Problems

Due to the innate astringent characteristics of acidic water from your water ionizer, it can be used on the skin to treat acne, athlete’s foot, minor cuts, sun burns and abrasions.

Cosmetic usage

Acidic water has shown great results when the hair is rinsed with it before and after shampooing. It leads to reduction in dandruff, itchy scalp and is a natural conditioner for the hair.

Good for Use in Shaving

Acidic water from IonLife’s alkaline water machine acts as a natural and effective after-shave. This action is further enhanced by its property of reducing shaving induced rashes.

Plant care-

When plants are treated with acidic water, the plant’s ability to fight fungus and bugs increases manifold. As a result, house-hold plant can live longer and thrive

Hand sanitizer-

Filling acidic water in a bottle will yield an on-the-go, alcohol-free sanitizer that can be refilled and reused!


The new-wave technology provided by Ion Life water filter yields alkaline and acidic water. The purpose of the former is to nourish your body, but that doesn’t mean you need to discard the latter. Acidic water, while not ideal for consumption can be used judiciously to avail maximum benefits of the system. Acidic water has multi-faceted properties such as being a disinfectant and astringent, which can thus be used for a range of purposes.