Water Ionization explained
Explanation of ionized water

During electrolysis, the cathode has a negative charge and produces alkaline ionized water (pH range 7.5~10) with negatively charged hydroxyl ions, and attracts alkaline minerals - such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium.

The anode has a positive charge and produces acidic ionized water (pH range 3.5~6.5) with positively charged hydroxide ions and attracts acidic minerals — such as chlorine, sulphur, phosphorus.

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Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Pure water basics

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    In a world full of pollution and impurities, it becomes difficult to trust anything that vouches for itself to be pure. The same goes for potable water. Nowadays it is hard to trust certain "Kangen water" brands that boast about providing ionized water that is safe to consume.
    Impurities in such so-called cottage-industry "Kangen water", mostly made on unsafe and uncertified  counterfeit water ionizer machines, have caused people everywhere to suffer various diseases.
    So it is imperative to know the technology for one of the essential things required for human survival: water ... and more specifically dissociated water, ie. alkaline ionized water.

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Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine In India

Human body water essentials

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Speaking about the water composition in a human body, an average human body is composed of about 70% water. Keeping this fact in view, the ideal water intake for males is about 3.7 liters, while that for females is 2.7 liters per day, including the water contained in the food they consume. In hotter regions, like India, the consumption increases significantly. Regular intake of good water quality in quantity thus promotes healthy life.

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pH of acidic and alkaline waters

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Infants are born with a pH level of 7.4, implying their pH levels are alkaline. Healthy pH level ranges between 7 and 7.5, while a pH of 6.5 is considered to be a minimum requirement. If a person has a pH level between the specified ranges, he/she is considered to be healthy as their organs function efficiently. However, that level is hard to maintain, due to a myriad of factors especially the decaying hydrogen / hydroxyl disassociation potential over time.

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As we grow old, or age our cells multiply in quantity, and we gain body mass. Our metabolism increases as we age, we breathe, we consume food and oxygen and release metabolic waste in the form of carbon dioxide, stools, urine, and oxygen free radicals.

Kangen water ionizer health benefits

oxygen free radicals

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Importantly, oxygen free radicals govern the immune system of a human body. A high concentration of these radicals means a weak immune system and low concentration means a strong immune system.

Alkaline water ionizer helath benefits

A body has a weak immune system when these free radicals multiply in quantity, overpowering the good cells present in the body. They are responsible for oxidization of the cells in our body, which results in premature skin aging, and other skin problems like dullness of the skin.

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Ionlife's purity

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We at Ion Life offer purity in water that is safe to consume and doesn’t pose danger to your overall health. In order to eliminate problems that can lead to serious consequences, we provide healthy water to our customers through our alkaline water ionizer. This commitment to quality establishes IONLIFE(R) India's best water ionizer company

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Ion Life alkaline water ionizer machine is an FDA approved device that separates the incoming stream of water into two streams, acidic water and alkaline water. While the acidic water is drained out, only the alkaline water remains, after the process of electrolysis.

IonLife's superior alkaline water ionisation technology

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ION Life water ionizer converts the normal water( H2O) into hydroxide(OH). The OH comes in contact with light, air and movement oxidizes into H2O over a period of time. This process takes about 18-24 hours and has a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of about -850 MV. This negative ORP indicates a great anti-oxidant value.

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The process of ionisation involves the gain or loss of electrons. The alkali water ionizer boosts the pH levels of the water to render it alkaline. Since the human diet is predominantly acidic, alkaline water can reduce acidic levels in the human body through effective detoxification. Ionlife’s intelligent alkaline water ionizer machine is designed to remove impurities present in the water, making it safer for consumption.

IONlife's Alkaline water ionizer machines product range

Table top alkaline water ionizer
Table top alkaline water ionizer

Latest 3rd gen KOREAN water ionizer

For informed buyers who want to capture the rejuvenating power of ionized alkaline water. Checkout IONLife's 5,7,9,11 and 13 all solid-plate device range. With extensive installed base in India and our market knowledge, IONLIfe is once again exclusively offering the more expensive all solid plate alkaline water ionizer machine range for longer life under extreme hard water conditions in Indian cities where conventional mesh plates fail due to calcification despite Dual Auto Reversal Cleaning(DARC).

Under-counter alkaline water ionizer
Under-counter "Reduced water" machines+electronic faucets

India's best electrolytic water ionizer is Ion Life's 3rd generation under-counter ionizers with electronic faucet which are far beyond other "Kangen water" ioniser machines.

For stylish users who want to live healthy and derive positive holistic benefits by power of alkaline water ionization which is beyond that made on traditional obsolete "Kangen" hydrogen water ioniser machines

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  • Pollution and lifestyle choices have made us more vulnerable to toxins than ever before. These toxins may be in the form of alcohol, pollutants, fried foods etc. Detoxifying these puts immense stress on the body, as a result of which its other vital functions are compromised. But that doesn’t mean you need to go on a week-long juice cleanse. You can aid your bodily functions simply by adding alkaline water in your diet.
  • A buffer is a substance that re-adjusts the pH of a liquid. Blood has a natural buffering action, and has the ability to change its pH from acidic to alkaline. But, our exposure to toxins and junk food makes this innate capability of the body very taxing. This results in an overly- acidic body, highly prone to chronic and degenerative disease. Consumption of alkaline water aids the blood’s potential to restore its natural and healthy pH.
  • Diabetes is linked to erratic functioning of the pancreas and its enzymes (primarily insulin). Insulin helps reduce elevated blood sugar level; resistance to this enzyme will result in dangerously high sugar levels. Highly acidic foods increase the chances of an individual being resistant to insulin. Thus, intake of alkaline water can aid in the treatment of diabetes. This cure has been used for several years in populations of South Korea and Japan and has shown promising results