Basics of using Alkaline water Ionizer

Water ionizer is a great home appliance that raises the level of Ph in your drinking water. Electrolysis in the alkaline water filter separates incoming the water stream into two components; alkaline and acidic. Proponents’ claims that by consuming alkaline water can lead to various health issues, it is similar to an alternative health practice of dieting using alkaline.

Using the Ionized water

Your new water ionizer produces three types of water:

  1. The main usage of water purifier to produce alkaline based water with an alkaline content of ph 7.5 to11. This alkaline water is hard water to be stored in a way to keep up its Ph level. Storing alkaline based ionized water should be done properly.
  2. Alkaline water filter is used for not purifying ionized water that has usual Ph level. Such filtered water should for toddlers and babies which is not alkaline and acidic with Ph range of 8. Also if you have any health problem and takes medicines, use alkaline water.
  3. Water Ionizer produces acid water which is the other water. When you set on button for acidic level water in ionizer along with alkaline water on other tap acidic water also will come. In some machine acidic water will come from bottom hose when you take alkaline water. This acidic water can be stored for longer period in a container or tub.

Drinking Alkaline Ionized water

  • Perfect alkaline ionized water must contain pH level of 8.5 or 9.5 pr 10 for drinking. It neutralizes acidity of our body and alkalizes slightly. By alkalizing our body get protected from infections, cancer and other impurities leading to natural health state.
  • When you are drinking ionized water, you intakes healthy vitamins along. This water helps in absorbing vitamins easily and quickly.
  • If you feel illness after taking ionized water, reduce the level of Ph in your body until you feel good.
  • Some alkaline water filter removes oil content in water; the Ph level of water will be high 10 to 11 that emulsify oils from things.

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