Features of water Ionizer and find right ionizer for it

There is much of water ionizer than producing alkaline water. Here are major features of alkaline water ionizer you should look into while going to buy. The alkaline water ionizer machine price range from 14000 to more depending on the brand you choose.

You are making an investment for your health so do not purchase that cannot perform according to your expectations and break down in a year. So do proper researches before you purchase a one? Check below features before buy alkaline water ionizer online.


  1. The quality ionizer will have solid plates made of titanium. You should not buy alkaline water ionizer machine that has got plates made with other metals. Slotted or mesh metals cannot last for longer period and leave you in risk of getting unwanted metals into your body.
  2. The plates of ionizer must be made of platinum not sprayed ones. The metal platinum is costly so water ionizer machine price made of platinum plates will cost you more. But it is important that plates are dipped made so the titanium does not expose to your water passing through the filter.
  3. The surface area of platinum plate should be more to allow water contacting with electricity for longer period to charge thoroughly and thus quality of water remains longer.
  4. Please the quality of output because many produce only small quantity of water at one time. Some may shut down early to protect itself against heating up. You also may not need one whole day to fill up a bottle or jar.
  5. Water ionizer must have overheated protection means it has tendency to get overheated.
  6. Power watts of alkaline water machine are high. Higher one produce best ionized water.
  7. Power supply must be transformer one not switch mode, such water ionizer price machine should be higher.
  8. Warranty of the machine is very important. Check the warranty protect from all services of ionizer. Some warranties not include services if you water is hard.
  9. Research about the brand you purchase, read reviews of customers and compare price too.


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