A Guide On Alkaline Water Machine

Alkaline water machines are getting late popularity. You might have heard about that alkaline is good for curing cancer and helps to reduce weight. But is there any reality behind these claims. What is actually alkaline water ionizer?

point 1 Kangen water ionizer machineFilter removes impurities.
point 2 Kangen water ionizer machineFlat and solid plates are better than the "mesh" plates (see picture) used in low cost machines.
point 3 Kangen water ionizer machineA good quality ionizer should provide a Ph range of 4 to 11.
point 4 Kangen water ionizer machineWhen you want to buy a product from trusted company, it does matter.

Alkaline Water Machine

A water machine is water purifies water and this water machine transform the water into optimal Ph level required for us. Ph means potential of Hydrogen. When the Ph higher in liquid lesser the free hydrogen ions. This value of Ph ranges are 0 to 14 and 7 is neutral. If the liquid is less than 7 is said to be acidic and high is alkaline. For example, milk has got Ph 7 whereas juices and sodas contain 3 of Ph.

How does Alkaline Ionizer machine works

Typically Alkaline water Ionizer is attached to a faucet that is convenient. Then this machine filter the tap water brining a balance to the Ph level content. The filter is activated carbon filter that removes all the unwanted pollutants and impurities from your tap water. This Ph balance is changed when water run through a process known as electrolysis. The process includes dividing those hydrogen minerals and ions contain in your water. Water ionizer will produce 2 water streams of transformed water; first alkaline water that you can drink and oxidized water useful for any cleaning purpose.

These machines are easily available in markets. You can find many variations in their prices depending on the models. The range starts from $100 maximum of $2100 that depends on brand and model.

Features help you to choose

To choose an alkaline water ionizer you must know its components.

  1. Filter: there are two filters single and dual filter system. Filter removes impurities and dual is superior than single filter system
  2. Plates: Flat, mesh, solid and slotted is types of plates where flat and solid are better.
  3. Ph range: A good quality ionizer should provide a Ph range of 4 to 11.
  4. Warranty: When you want to buy a product from trusted company, it does matter.