How ION Life alkaline water ioniser changed my life: Tauseef Mirza

January 6, 2019 | Posted by: admin | Category: Blog

I used to have a continuous problem of slow digestion, indigestion , heavy and bloated feeling in the past and I could not put a finger to the exact cause of it. I had resigned to the fact that maybe my metabolic rate is slow hence I have to live with such issues.

Then I came along a friend who spoke about this ION Life alkaline water ioniser , first I thought it was just another marketing gimmick but then I decided to try it out. , it may or may not work but still I installed the alkaline water ioniser to my surprise I started feeling improvement within 4 weeks of use. The bloated feeling started to disappear ,my digestion improved.

And another problem that I noticed lately was some regular evening pain in my feet and knees also disappeared ,Don’t know whether it was due to alkaline water but it did happen. Water is the most critical element of our day to day intake and if we have not only clean but good water am sure our overall health can improve .

I am blessed to drink and use good water each day of my life. Thanks to ION Life alkaline water ionizer.